Occasionally I get so excited about the extreme awesomeness of a project that I totally psych myself out and screw it all up.  I feel like nothing I do could possibly be good enough so nothing I do ends up being good enough (at least in my very picky eyes.)  It’s a self fulfilling prophecy… and it’s extremely annoying.  The X-Files design challenge at Threadless is a perfect example of this unfortunate occurrence 🙂

When the challenge was announced, I yelped with excitement.  In my eyes, The X-Files is the greatest show in the history of television.  It sits atop an untouchable pillar of incredible awesomeness and nothing can ever compare to it.  Firefly comes close… but The X-Files will always remain at the very tippy top.

I played around with a million different designs and just ended up with a huge pile of frustration.  It was impossible for me to create a worthy tribute to a show that had been elevated to such a high level of awesomeness in my mind.  I finally decided that I just needed to step back and have fun with it 🙂

I ended up submitting 4 designs.

The first one was a super simple black and white spaceship design with the iconic phrase “The Truth is Out There.”

The X Files Threadless Submission


I also submitted a revised version of that design with a little more detail:

The X Files Threadless Submission | treemanJAKE

Next is an homage to the Black Oil 🙂

The Black Oil | Trust No One| X-Files Design Challenge submission | treemanJAKE

Finally, I created a logo for the fictional baseball team featured in “The Unnatural” episode:

Roswell_Grays_Threadless| treemanJAKE

If you want to check out my submissions on Threadless, take a peek at my Threadless profile (or click on the individual pictures above that take you directly to the submission pages.)

Despite the fact that nothing turned out the way I had hoped, I ended up having a lot of fun with this challenge.  We started rewatching The X-Files on Netflix (thanks Netflix!) and I can’t wait until the premiere of the new X-Files miniseries!!!!!!!!

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