Threadless Sneak Peek

Drum roll please… I’m super excited to announce that I will be opening a shirt shop on Threadless! Yippee!!

Threadless recently created an Artist Shop program that allows individual artists to showcase and sell their designs. The program is currently in Beta and shops are available through invitation only. Thousands of artists have applied but only a few dozen shops have been selected and opened so far. I can’t believe that I will have the opportunity to open an early shop. I’m so happy.

Here is a sneak peek of the designs that you will initially see. I’m only allowed a maximum of 12 designs at first but will be able to add more once the shops are launched for the general public.

treemanJAKE Threadless Artist Shop Design Preview

You can check out some of the other artist shops here (while you are waiting for my awesome shop to open 🙂

I will post an update as soon as my shop goes live! Super awesome!


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Robot Apocalypse

As everyone knows, (entirely fictitious) evil robots are planning to take over the world… and the entire universe, in fact.  An elite group of rebels (also entirely fictitious) has been assembled to stop the uprising and inevitable apocalypse that would almost certainly destroy our world if it weren’t for the brave efforts of these heroic fighters.

The very least that I can do to help these brave (and entirely fictitious) men and women is to create a totally fabulous tshirt that they can wear to express their solidarity on the battlefield.  While it probably won’t help stop the relentless blasts of the evil robots’ evil ray guns, the rebels will at least look awesome when they are fighting.  Isn’t that the most important thing, after all?

Here is the version I created for Threadless…

Evil Robot Uprising by treemanJAKE

And this is what I will eventually post in my shop for all to enjoy 🙂  I might end up posting both versions but I always like to let the Threadless version go through the voting process before doing anything with it.

Robot Uprising by treemanJAKE

Let’s all do our part to stop the (completely fictitious) Evil Robot apocalypse 🙂

The X-Files

Occasionally I get so excited about the extreme awesomeness of a project that I totally psych myself out and screw it all up.  I feel like nothing I do could possibly be good enough so nothing I do ends up being good enough (at least in my very picky eyes.)  It’s a self fulfilling prophecy… and it’s extremely annoying.  The X-Files design challenge at Threadless is a perfect example of this unfortunate occurrence 🙂

When the challenge was announced, I yelped with excitement.  In my eyes, The X-Files is the greatest show in the history of television.  It sits atop an untouchable pillar of incredible awesomeness and nothing can ever compare to it.  Firefly comes close… but The X-Files will always remain at the very tippy top.

I played around with a million different designs and just ended up with a huge pile of frustration.  It was impossible for me to create a worthy tribute to a show that had been elevated to such a high level of awesomeness in my mind.  I finally decided that I just needed to step back and have fun with it 🙂

I ended up submitting 4 designs.

The first one was a super simple black and white spaceship design with the iconic phrase “The Truth is Out There.”

The X Files Threadless Submission


I also submitted a revised version of that design with a little more detail:

The X Files Threadless Submission | treemanJAKE

Next is an homage to the Black Oil 🙂

The Black Oil | Trust No One| X-Files Design Challenge submission | treemanJAKE

Finally, I created a logo for the fictional baseball team featured in “The Unnatural” episode:

Roswell_Grays_Threadless| treemanJAKE

If you want to check out my submissions on Threadless, take a peek at my Threadless profile (or click on the individual pictures above that take you directly to the submission pages.)

Despite the fact that nothing turned out the way I had hoped, I ended up having a lot of fun with this challenge.  We started rewatching The X-Files on Netflix (thanks Netflix!) and I can’t wait until the premiere of the new X-Files miniseries!!!!!!!!


I created a super cheesy design for Threadless’ Dream Destination challenge.  It is a retro/vintage “travel poster” for an imaginary destination called Cumulus.  Cumulus is the magical land of puffy clouds and rainbows.  It has cupcakes, unicorns and cotton candy clouds.  What could be better?

If you want to travel to Cumulus (or at least wear a t-shirt with it’s amazing, magical image on it), check out my Threadless submission!!

Battle of Spaghettisburg

Every year, my family and I visit the Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  We love learning about the Civil War and even my 5-year-old twin daughters are fascinated by Gettysburg’s rich history.

My daughter, Ellie, can never remember how to say “Gettysburg” so she always calls it the “Battle of Spaghettisburg.”  This design was inspired by her funny mispronunciation and the images that always run through my head whenever she starts seriously discussing the “Battle of Spaghettisburg.”   Check it out!


Battle of Spaghettisburg | treemanJAKE


Happy 20th birthday, Clueless!!!  This year marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic, hilarious, and sometimes just plain silly movie, Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd.  I can’t believe that it has been 20 years since this movie hit the theaters… I feel so old.

The movie is jam packed with great scenes but one of my favorites is when the main character, Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone), realizes that she is in love with her ex-step brother, Josh (played by Paul Rudd.)   While the 2 characters playfully mock each other throughout most of the movie, Cher is eventually drawn to an epiphany when she realizes that she is actually “majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with Josh.”  Josh later realizes that he is butt-crazy in love with Cher too.  They kiss and live happily ever after.  I love, love.  It’s wonderful.

To celebrate Clueless’ anniversary, Threadless is hosting a new design challenge inspired by the movie.   You know that I couldn’t resist submitting a design… and of course, it had to be centered around my favorite part of the movie.

I shortened the quote (mostly because I thought that it would work better on a t-shirt) and came up with this

treemanJAKE submission for the Threadless Clueless movie challenge

Hop on over to Threadless’s website to check out (and hopefully vote on) my submission and all of the other Clueless challenge entries!

And because I think that it is kind of fun to see other people’s sketching process, I thought that I would share 2 of my super, dee dooper REALLY rough sketches that eventually worked their way into my final design: Rough_draft

Check it out my final design, comment and vote!

A huge thanks to everyone for their support!!!!



Are you Badenov

Boris Badenov Threadless Submission

It’s the world’s greatest no-goodnik, Boris Badenov, from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show!

I submitted my Boris illustration to Threadless for their “Saturday Morning TV” challenge.  I originally had his partner in crime, Natasha, in the illustration too but there was just something about the black and white Boris that I loved.   I hope that it gets printed because I really, really want to get the red version 🙂

If you get a chance, please take a minute to vote/score my design for the competition!  Just click on one of the numbers to the right of the design (1-5, 5 being the best.)  Thanks!!


The Sky is Falling

Threadless is currently hosting a “Sh*t the Internet Says” design challenge to celebrate all of the ridiculously silly terms, abbreviations and hashtags that are floating around the internet these days.

Most of my friends limit their abbreviation use to lol and rofl (thank you for that) but I do get to experience the wonderful world of hashtags on a daily basis.   It makes me giggle when people use more hashtags than real words.  #I #dont #understand #why #you #have #to #use #so #many #freakin #hashtags?  #Cant #you #just #get #to #the #point?  #ToEachHisOwn

For some bizarre reason, this challenge immediately made me think of Chicken Little.  In my version of the classic fable, the poor little chicken desperately tries to warn his mother of the falling sky – but wastes so much time rambling off pointless hashtags that he gets squashed by the crushing blow of the falling sky (and confuses the heck out of his mother in the process.)  It makes me giggle… which is OK because little chick and his mom don’t really get killed or maimed in any way.  In their world, the sky is just a bunch of soft, puffy clouds 🙂

If you like my design, please take a second to vote for it on Threadless.  I would really, really appreciate it!!  Here is the link!

The Sky is Falling by treemanJAKE