Blast Off with the Space Rangers

Blast off with the Official Junior Space Ranger Club! Become a member and you can enjoy an out-of-this-world collection of imaginary goodies – including a Space Ranger membership card, an official club newsletter, a secret decoder ring, a Space Ranger patch and even a super sonic ray gun! You won’t actually receive any of these things but you can pretend anyway 😉
Our excitement for space exploration and technology during the Space Age period had a huge effect on popular culture and entertainment. From children’s toys to television programming and even cereal boxes – everyone joined in on the fun! This design is inspired by my love of vintage ads and of course…. space! 🙂

Check out my design on Threadless!


Threadless Sneak Peek

Drum roll please… I’m super excited to announce that I will be opening a shirt shop on Threadless! Yippee!!

Threadless recently created an Artist Shop program that allows individual artists to showcase and sell their designs. The program is currently in Beta and shops are available through invitation only. Thousands of artists have applied but only a few dozen shops have been selected and opened so far. I can’t believe that I will have the opportunity to open an early shop. I’m so happy.

Here is a sneak peek of the designs that you will initially see. I’m only allowed a maximum of 12 designs at first but will be able to add more once the shops are launched for the general public.

treemanJAKE Threadless Artist Shop Design Preview

You can check out some of the other artist shops here (while you are waiting for my awesome shop to open 🙂

I will post an update as soon as my shop goes live! Super awesome!


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Eeekk! The X-Files!

Just a couple more days until the premiere of the X-Files and I’m so totally frickin’ excited! I remember watching The X-Files in college with my floor-mates (including my super awesome future hubby.) It was the highlight of the week. We used to make tacos, drink strawberry slushies and huddle around the TV to watch the greatest show in the history of television 🙂

We are anticipating a blizzard this weekend with 2-3 feet of snow… if our power goes out, I’m going to cry.

The X-Files | treemanJAKE

Science Makes Me Awesome

Science makes me frickin’ awesome!  OK… science doesn’t really make ME frickin’ awesome – but it does makes actual scientists frickin’ awesome.  So I made a t-shirt for the frickin’ awesome scientists (and anyone else who really likes science) so that they could be even more frickin’ awesome 🙂

Science Makes Me Frickin Awesome


Science Makes Me Frickin Awesome by treemanJAKE

Robot Apocalypse

As everyone knows, (entirely fictitious) evil robots are planning to take over the world… and the entire universe, in fact.  An elite group of rebels (also entirely fictitious) has been assembled to stop the uprising and inevitable apocalypse that would almost certainly destroy our world if it weren’t for the brave efforts of these heroic fighters.

The very least that I can do to help these brave (and entirely fictitious) men and women is to create a totally fabulous tshirt that they can wear to express their solidarity on the battlefield.  While it probably won’t help stop the relentless blasts of the evil robots’ evil ray guns, the rebels will at least look awesome when they are fighting.  Isn’t that the most important thing, after all?

Here is the version I created for Threadless…

Evil Robot Uprising by treemanJAKE

And this is what I will eventually post in my shop for all to enjoy 🙂  I might end up posting both versions but I always like to let the Threadless version go through the voting process before doing anything with it.

Robot Uprising by treemanJAKE

Let’s all do our part to stop the (completely fictitious) Evil Robot apocalypse 🙂