I’m Edie – an illustrator, graphic artist, super nerd and mother of 3 amazingly wonderful kids.  I love bold lines, bright color and clean design.  I am inspired by my kids, my geeky husband and my obsessive need to soak up endless tidbits of knowledge.

I started treemanJAKE as a way to share my art and unleash my dorkiness on the world.  I’m not afraid to embrace my nerdy side (which is pretty much my only side) and my designs typically reflect my nerdy tendencies.

I love what I do and I am honored to be able to share my passion with other people.


To design fun and playful products that celebrate nerd and geek culture and encourage the relentless pursuit of knowledge.


To create a happy world where everyone can proudly express their true selves, explore their passions and embrace their inner nerd.

Edie Hernandez – Illustrator
Jake – Imaginary Friend

My Favorite Subjects

Reading Math. ComputersSpace
ScienceRobotsProgrammingVideo Games

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