I am a super nerd.  I love to take classes and I absolutely love the challenge of learning new things.

I recently discovered Skillshare.com and I am completely and totally obsessed with it.  It has a bazillion fun mini classes on everything from baking to business to design… and it is absolutely perfect for someone like me who craves new things and new ideas.

One of the most recent classes that I took was “Learn to Draw Digitally: Create Cute Drawings Using Basic Shapes” by Shelley Seguinot.  I was surprised by how much I learned in this class and I have already used the techniques on a number of projects.

I have a strange obsession with angels so one of my first projects was this cute and colorful angel standing on a bed of puffy clouds.   I  might have to pull some of these elements as inspiration for my Christmas cards this year!

Angel Illustration | treemanJAKE


I also created this fun family tree portrait for a Family Tree Challenge that Skillshare hosted in August.  To my surprise and delight, I won grand prize in the challenge and snagged a year of free Skillshare classes 🙂  Nothing better than that!Hernandez Family Tree by treemanJAKE

My Skillshare profile has links to all of the projects I have been working on if you want to check them out!  https://www.skillshare.com/treemanjake.

I’m sure that there will be many more posted in the future 🙂

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