My daughter is struggling in math.  And when I say “struggling,” I mean that she would rather gouge her eyes out than add 2+2.   She hates math with a passion and I am on a constant hunt for ways to make it more tolerable… and even fun (although that may be asking too much.)

She goes through a bazillion sheets of paper a week drawing number lines to help with her homework.

I was sitting through yet another painful homework session and thought to myself, “Hey self, there should be a dry erase number line that she can reuse over and over again.”

And then I thought “Hey, I could create my own dry erase number line that she can reuse over and over again.”

And THEN I thought “Hey, I could design some cute math characters that I could add to a dry erase number line that she can reuse over and over again!”

And so I made one 🙂

My daughter absolutely LOVES the cute characters and can’t wait to start using it for her homework.  I’m sure it won’t make her fall in love with math but I know that it will at least make her homework a little less painful 🙂

Here is the overall design I created:

Math is Awesome Dry Erase Number Line Board

And here is what it looks like on the dry erase boards.  I made a set of 3 different colors because I’m not good at making decisions 🙂

Dry Erase Number Line Tool Pictures

I love art in any form but I’m especially fond of art that has a purpose (other than sitting on my wall looking pretty.)  I’m excited that I was able to turn my silly little characters into a tool that has the potential to really help my daughter.  Pretty fun!  I can’t wait to make more!

I posted the number lines in my Zazzle shop in case anyone else is interested!

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