Growing up, I never understood why anyone would want to drink coffee.  I loved the smell of it – but a single drop of the bitter, brown liquid on my tongue would immediately twist my face into an involuntary look of disgust.

I happily lived a coffee-free life for many years… until the birth of my twin girls.  My world was turned upside-down and I’m pretty sure that my post-pregnancy hormone surge included some sort of devilish coffee-craving hormone.

The level of exhaustion new parents can face after the birth of a child is unimaginable.  Baby books do not prepare you for it.  Experienced parents don’t want to scare the uninitiated… or the post-baby fog has simply wiped clear their memories of it.  I was completely not ready for it.  Coffee and a binge-watching session of the TV show, “24,” are pretty much the only things that got me through the first few weeks of late night feedings (OK… and maybe the wonderfulness of my husband, the cuteness of my oldest daughter and the insanely adorable bundles of squishy love that I had just given birth to.)

Here is me and Juliet a few days after her birth.  I was unbelievably happy but couldn’t hide the exhaustion in my eyes.  Crazy times!


It’s now 5 years later and my new-found love for coffee has never waned.  It’s only natural that thoughts of coffee love would pour out of my head, begging to be put on paper 🙂  And it’s only natural that I would simply have to have my own cup of coffee while creating a coffee cup masterpiece… it’s all in the name of research 😉

I Love Coffee Draft Illustration


Even my kids got in on the coffee cup-drawing action!  I love drawing with them!

Juliet decided that she wanted to open a coffee shop.  Here is her “business plan.”


Here is the picture that Ellie created for Juliet’s fantastic coffee picture shop!  It is topped with black marshmallows… what could be yummier?!?


And here is my final version.  While I illustrated the design by hand with pencil/ink, it is one of the first illustrations I have ever converted to vector.  I LOVE that I can print out a people-size coffee cup if I wanted to!  Vector illustrations are sooo cool.   Too much fun!

I Heart (Love) CoffeeCoffee_Doodle_Final

Between the 3 of us, I think that we have a pretty good start on our coffee picture shop inventory 🙂

Time for another cup of coffee!




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