The Sky is Falling

Threadless is currently hosting a “Sh*t the Internet Says” design challenge to celebrate all of the ridiculously silly terms, abbreviations and hashtags that are floating around the internet these days.

Most of my friends limit their abbreviation use to lol and rofl (thank you for that) but I do get to experience the wonderful world of hashtags on a daily basis.   It makes me giggle when people use more hashtags than real words.  #I #dont #understand #why #you #have #to #use #so #many #freakin #hashtags?  #Cant #you #just #get #to #the #point?  #ToEachHisOwn

For some bizarre reason, this challenge immediately made me think of Chicken Little.  In my version of the classic fable, the poor little chicken desperately tries to warn his mother of the falling sky – but wastes so much time rambling off pointless hashtags that he gets squashed by the crushing blow of the falling sky (and confuses the heck out of his mother in the process.)  It makes me giggle… which is OK because little chick and his mom don’t really get killed or maimed in any way.  In their world, the sky is just a bunch of soft, puffy clouds 🙂

If you like my design, please take a second to vote for it on Threadless.  I would really, really appreciate it!!  Here is the link!

The Sky is Falling by treemanJAKE

My First Threadless Submission

I just submitted my very first design to Threadless and I’m super excited!  Fingers crossed that it does well… or at least doesn’t totally bomb 🙂  I’ve been thinking about submitting a design FOREVER and never had the courage to do it.  Last night, I just went for it.  I think that I was too tired to be nervous 🙂

Threadless relies on the user community to help determine which designs to print.  If you like my design, please check it out and vote!

Even if this design isn’t successful, I’m really happy that I finally did it.  The first step is always the hardest!  Now I have to get back to work on some more fun designs!

Vote, vote, vote!!

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