Happy Easter

Happy Easter Coloring Page


Happy Easter! ¬†May your weekend be filled with family, friends and lots of jelly beans ūüôā

I created a new coloring page for my goobers and thought that I would share it with everyone.  If you send me your finished masterpieces, I may even post them on my site!

Here is what it looks like… and here is the link to the full-size PDF version:¬†Cute Easter Coloring Page¬†(make sure you print it in¬†landscape or it will be smushy)

Cute Easter Coloring Page

Here are my kids’ masterpieces! ¬†I would love to see your¬†colorful creations¬†too!


ELLIE – Age 5




JULIET – Age 5


Hippity Hoppity

Easter is less than a month away! ¬†I can’t believe it. ¬†Even though the weather this winter has been insanely annoying, time has been moving much¬†faster than I would prefer. ¬†I only have 4 weeks to stock up on Brach’s jelly beans before they leave the stores! ¬†hee hee.

Is anyone else obsessed with Brach’s jelly beans? ¬†I think that I might be the only one. ¬†They are my catnip.

I have been working on a few new Easter illustrations (mostly to keep my mind off of how much I want to taste the yummy goodness of Brach’s jelly beans) and I’m really excited to share them with everyone!

The first one is my “Happy Easter Friends” illustration. ¬†It is so fun and happy.

Cute Happy Easter Friends

I put the design on a lot of party supplies in my Zazzle shop.  They have buttons, paper plates and even t-shirts!  You know what is going to be in my house at Easter time!

For those who want a fun design without the cutesy animals, I also created a bunch of items with just the “Happy Easter” word bubble. ¬†The background color on most of the products with this design can be changed to match your existing party decor so it’s super fun. ¬†Check them out!



I have one more Easter illustration that I will be sharing later this week.  It is far (really far) from the typical Easter chicks and bunny designs but I think that you will like it!