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Blast Off with the Space Rangers

Blast off with the Official Junior Space Ranger Club! Become a member and you can enjoy an out-of-this-world collection of imaginary goodies – including a Space Ranger membership card, an official club newsletter, a secret decoder ring, a Space Ranger patch and even a super sonic ray gun! You won’t actually receive any of these…

New Threadless Artist Shop

                            My treemanJAKE artist shop on Threadless is now open!  A handful of designs are currently up for grabs and more will be added in the future.  So excited 🙂 You can still pick up my Boris Badenov shirt too… but it…

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

May your day be filled with love, friendship and super happies. Time to induldge in candy hearts and a little chocolate! Yum-o!!!!