My Little Funshine

My twins turned 5 in March.  Guess it is time to FINALLY create keepsake birth records for them 🙂  Wow, I’m slow.

I finished the first one this morning and I’m really excited about it.  It is for my daughter, Ellie, who nicknamed herself “Funshine” in honor of one of the Care Bears (her favorite show at the time.)  I plan to add her birthday and birth stats when I send it off to the printers.

I can’t wait to work on the other 2!

Sunshine Birth Record | treemanJAKE

Happy Rainbow Dreams

I came back from vacation with renewed energy and a craving for color.  I thought that the beach would inspire me to create something sandy or beachy or seashell-y… but no.  All I could think about was this happy little sun surrounded by a swirling rainbow and smiling clouds.  That’s what I think about a lot 🙂

Rainbow Dreams Illustration |

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Happy Day Sunshine

I just finished a new happy sun illustration.  I can’t stop smiling when I look at this one 🙂

I’m thinking of turning it into some sort of decor for my girls’ bedroom – maybe wall art, a throw pillow or even a comforter set (if I change the design around a bit.)  What do you think?

Happy Day Sun

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