My First Zine

My kids generate seemingly endless mountains of artwork.  They are always doodling and always making my house a complete disaster.  While I love their creations, I have yet to find a good way to organize and store everything so that we can actually enjoy it later – until now!

I am currently taking a Skillshare class called “Making Your First Zine: From Idea to Illustration” by Kate Bingaman-Burt.  I highly recommend Skillshare for all sorts of crafty/design wisdom and this particular class was really inspiring.  For the class project, I decided to create a themed, mini collection zine to display some of my daughter’s monster illustrations as well as her stories and/or descriptions for each masterpiece.  I scanned and shrunk the artwork, doodled/typed the descriptions in my daughter’s words and created a small, organized keepsake that I will treasure for years to come!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.  My initial project was super tiny but I think that I could create 1/2 or even 1/4 sheet zines in the future that would be perfect to organize, consolidate, store and share my kids’ artwork.  Each one could have a different theme- like silly animals, Christmas or even one for each year.

Here is the cover of my project:

Monster Maker Zine

You can check out the full project on my Skillshare page!  I can’t wait to create more!!!!

Cute Monster Friends

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most fun to explore.   My little puffy monster guys were begging for a bit of color and I just couldn’t say no.  I played around with a million different palettes and finally decided on these sugary sweet shades of blue, green, pink and purple.  My monsters are happy now and so am I!

4 Cute Monsters

These little guys have invaded my shop and you can find them on tons of goodies!  My favorite is the pink puffy lunchbox and the mug (and just about everything else)… I totally need to go shopping!


Puffy Monster Love

I originally created this illustration to give my husband for Father’s Day.  I decided it was too puffy for his non-puffy taste so I gave him a bunch of robots instead.  This still remains one of my favorite illustrations, though, because I’m rather fond of cute and puffy 🙂

I experimented with some more muted colors and I think I like it.

Monster Love