Happy Easter

Happy Easter Coloring Page


Happy Easter! ¬†May your weekend be filled with family, friends and lots of jelly beans ūüôā

I created a new coloring page for my goobers and thought that I would share it with everyone.  If you send me your finished masterpieces, I may even post them on my site!

Here is what it looks like… and here is the link to the full-size PDF version:¬†Cute Easter Coloring Page¬†(make sure you print it in¬†landscape or it will be smushy)

Cute Easter Coloring Page

Here are my kids’ masterpieces! ¬†I would love to see your¬†colorful creations¬†too!


ELLIE – Age 5




JULIET – Age 5


Easter Bot

Humanoids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny. ¬†Robots can have fun too – especially when their Easter baskets include Shrink Ray guns and¬†Brach’s jelly beans (yes, I’m still obsessed with those delicious balls of sugar) ūüôā

Meet Killbot Irontail.  He may be a wee bit unconventional but he is unwavering in his mission to spread Easter joy to all the good little baby bots in the world.

Robot Easter Illustration

I have an odd thing for rewriting the words to songs or poems. ¬†I wrote a song about the Alaskan Iditerod to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” ¬†I rewrote Shakespeare’s “To Be Or Not to Be” soliloquy to facilitate an internal debate on whether I was going to use powdered sugar glaze or royal icing to decorate my sugar cookies. ¬†And now, I rewrote the words to the classic Easter song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” to share the adventures of Killbot Irontail (a little known and completely made up Easter icon.)

The song is especially fun when you sing it out loud. ¬†Try it. ¬†Just don’t do it in front of your husband who has never even heard the original Peter Cottontail song and simply thinks your crazy (that totally didn’t happen to me.)

If you are dying to have your very own Killbot Irontail (or know of someone really cool who might want one as a gift,) check out the Easter section of my shop!

And if you are a robot… be content knowing that Killbot Irontail is on it’s way to spread some Easter joy to you and your baby bots!

Hippity Hoppity

Easter is less than a month away! ¬†I can’t believe it. ¬†Even though the weather this winter has been insanely annoying, time has been moving much¬†faster than I would prefer. ¬†I only have 4 weeks to stock up on Brach’s jelly beans before they leave the stores! ¬†hee hee.

Is anyone else obsessed with Brach’s jelly beans? ¬†I think that I might be the only one. ¬†They are my catnip.

I have been working on a few new Easter illustrations (mostly to keep my mind off of how much I want to taste the yummy goodness of Brach’s jelly beans) and I’m really excited to share them with everyone!

The first one is my “Happy Easter Friends” illustration. ¬†It is so fun and happy.

Cute Happy Easter Friends

I put the design on a lot of party supplies in my Zazzle shop.  They have buttons, paper plates and even t-shirts!  You know what is going to be in my house at Easter time!

For those who want a fun design without the cutesy animals, I also created a bunch of items with just the “Happy Easter” word bubble. ¬†The background color on most of the products with this design can be changed to match your existing party decor so it’s super fun. ¬†Check them out!



I have one more Easter illustration that I will be sharing later this week.  It is far (really far) from the typical Easter chicks and bunny designs but I think that you will like it!