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Battle of Spaghettisburg

Every year, my family and I visit the Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  We love learning about the Civil War and even my 5-year-old twin daughters are fascinated by Gettysburg’s rich history.

My daughter, Ellie, can never remember how to say “Gettysburg” so she always calls it the “Battle of Spaghettisburg.”  This design was inspired by her funny mispronunciation and the images that always run through my head whenever she starts seriously discussing the “Battle of Spaghettisburg.”   Check it out!


Battle of Spaghettisburg | treemanJAKE

The Sky is Falling

Threadless is currently hosting a “Sh*t the Internet Says” design challenge to celebrate all of the ridiculously silly terms, abbreviations and hashtags that are floating around the internet these days.

Most of my friends limit their abbreviation use to lol and rofl (thank you for that) but I do get to experience the wonderful world of hashtags on a daily basis.   It makes me giggle when people use more hashtags than real words.  #I #dont #understand #why #you #have #to #use #so #many #freakin #hashtags?  #Cant #you #just #get #to #the #point?  #ToEachHisOwn

For some bizarre reason, this challenge immediately made me think of Chicken Little.  In my version of the classic fable, the poor little chicken desperately tries to warn his mother of the falling sky – but wastes so much time rambling off pointless hashtags that he gets squashed by the crushing blow of the falling sky (and confuses the heck out of his mother in the process.)  It makes me giggle… which is OK because little chick and his mom don’t really get killed or maimed in any way.  In their world, the sky is just a bunch of soft, puffy clouds 🙂

If you like my design, please take a second to vote for it on Threadless.  I would really, really appreciate it!!  Here is the link!

The Sky is Falling by treemanJAKE

Easter Bot

Humanoids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny.  Robots can have fun too – especially when their Easter baskets include Shrink Ray guns and Brach’s jelly beans (yes, I’m still obsessed with those delicious balls of sugar) 🙂

Meet Killbot Irontail.  He may be a wee bit unconventional but he is unwavering in his mission to spread Easter joy to all the good little baby bots in the world.

Robot Easter Illustration

I have an odd thing for rewriting the words to songs or poems.  I wrote a song about the Alaskan Iditerod to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”  I rewrote Shakespeare’s “To Be Or Not to Be” soliloquy to facilitate an internal debate on whether I was going to use powdered sugar glaze or royal icing to decorate my sugar cookies.  And now, I rewrote the words to the classic Easter song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” to share the adventures of Killbot Irontail (a little known and completely made up Easter icon.)

The song is especially fun when you sing it out loud.  Try it.  Just don’t do it in front of your husband who has never even heard the original Peter Cottontail song and simply thinks your crazy (that totally didn’t happen to me.)

If you are dying to have your very own Killbot Irontail (or know of someone really cool who might want one as a gift,) check out the Easter section of my shop!

And if you are a robot… be content knowing that Killbot Irontail is on it’s way to spread some Easter joy to you and your baby bots!

Reading Makes You Awesome

Yes, that’s right… reading makes you awesome.  Really awesome.

This little illustration was born as a coloring page for my kids.  I wanted them to know that reading would make them awesome (as if they weren’t already.)


They loved it and just coloring it made them awesome… imagine how awesome they would be if they could actually read!


I was jealous of their awesomeness so I decided to color my own version.

Reading Makes You Awesome

And put it on a tote bag that I can use to carry the gazillions of books that my kids want from the library.


If you or your kids want to color your own “Reading Makes you Awesome” page, I posted a copy of the original coloring page in the “Coloring Pages” section!  You can also pick up your own “Reading Makes You Awesome” goodies from my Zazzle shop!

Read.  Color.  Be totally awesome.