Sparkle Bunny

I’m reworking some old illustrations and just finished the new and improved “Sparkle Bunny!”  Sparkle Bunny is a character inspired by a short story that was written by my awesome sister, Natalie 🙂

Sparkle Bunny Illustration

I uploaded it to my Society6 shop if anyone is interested!!

Shenandoah Owl

We were driving through Shenandoah National Park a few weeks ago when a HUGE owl landed on a tree right next to our car.  It was the most beautiful and mesmerizing creature I have ever seen.  Even though we only saw him for a moment, I will never forget the piercing stare of his dark eyes.

In honor of this amazing owl (which I later identified as a Barred Owl), I decided to create an owl shirt for Threadless’ National Park challenge.  It’s obviously a simplified representation of a barred owl but brings back great memories of the gorgeous bird I encountered in Shenandoah National Park.

Check it out!

Shenandoah Owl | treemanJAKE for Threadless