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Reading Makes You Awesome

Yes, that’s right… reading makes you awesome.  Really awesome.

This little illustration was born as a coloring page for my kids.  I wanted them to know that reading would make them awesome (as if they weren’t already.)


They loved it and just coloring it made them awesome… imagine how awesome they would be if they could actually read!


I was jealous of their awesomeness so I decided to color my own version.

Reading Makes You Awesome

And put it on a tote bag that I can use to carry the gazillions of books that my kids want from the library.


If you or your kids want to color your own “Reading Makes you Awesome” page, I posted a copy of the original coloring page in the “Coloring Pages” section!  You can also pick up your own “Reading Makes You Awesome” goodies from my Zazzle shop!

Read.  Color.  Be totally awesome.

Happy 5th Birthday

My girls, Ellie and Juliet, turn 5 today!!  Happy Birthday my amazing little goobers!

Happy Birthday

To celebrate, I thought that I would share some of my favorite drawings and paintings that they have created. My kids go through insane amounts of paper.  Our house is drowning in kid art… all in the name of artistic exploration and the need to color in every possible surface imaginable  – including our log walls 😦  It was hard to narrow the piles down to a few favorites but here they are!



The first masterpiece is a Juliet creation.  After her amazing birthday party at Nana’s house last weekend, she recreated the celebration on paper.





An exact replica of my shining face.  Kind of fun and trippy.





Juliet is running from a scary monster tree with flags flying from it’s branches.  I am there to protect her, of course!




Ellie wanted a Ukulele for her birthday – so she made one of her own.  She ran around the house pretending to play it.  She is going to be really happy this afternoon when she opens her birthday presents because we got her a real ukulele for her birthday!  (shhh… don’t tell!)




Ellie is obsessed with party planning and Halloween.  All year, she makes lists and draws pictures of what she wants to do for Halloween.  Here is one of her planning sheets… complete with a jack-o-lantern and a spooky cake (and a bunch of other things that I can decipher.)



MY FAMILY by Juliet

Here is a picture of my and my hubby holding Ellie and Juliet when they were babies.  Their big sister, Isabel, completes the picture of our family.  I love how Juliet labels her people with initials so we always know who they are.




Juliet loves to draw cute monsters and robots.  This is one of my favorites!




This is one of my favorite drawings of all time.  It is a picture of me and Juliet dreaming of a rainbow world.  I want to go there 🙂



That’s it!  Happy Birthday, Ellie and Juliet!!  I love you like crazy!!

Cute Monster Friends

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most fun to explore.   My little puffy monster guys were begging for a bit of color and I just couldn’t say no.  I played around with a million different palettes and finally decided on these sugary sweet shades of blue, green, pink and purple.  My monsters are happy now and so am I!

4 Cute Monsters

These little guys have invaded my shop and you can find them on tons of goodies!  My favorite is the pink puffy lunchbox and the mug (and just about everything else)… I totally need to go shopping!


Zazzle HEART

Zazzle has partnered with the LIFE Line organization to create a new line of products, Zazzle HEART, that benefits Kenyan mothers of children with special needs who are often shunned by their communities.   The products are actually made in Kenya and the materials are locally sourced.

I created an exclusive design for this program and there are tons of other Zazzle HEART designs available on Zazzle’s website (of course, none as cool as mine 😉

As a mother of a child with special needs, this program really means a lot to me and I’m honored to be able to participate.

Check it out!!

Zazzle HEART | treemanJAKE

Happy Rainbow Dreams

I came back from vacation with renewed energy and a craving for color.  I thought that the beach would inspire me to create something sandy or beachy or seashell-y… but no.  All I could think about was this happy little sun surrounded by a swirling rainbow and smiling clouds.  That’s what I think about a lot 🙂

Rainbow Dreams Illustration |

To get your own print of this illustration, please check out my Etsy shop!

Robot Love

I have an obsession for cute robots in love.  I might need therapy.  They are just so darn cute!  As long as they aren’t Daleks.

Robot Love Illustration

Happy Day Sunshine

I just finished a new happy sun illustration.  I can’t stop smiling when I look at this one 🙂

I’m thinking of turning it into some sort of decor for my girls’ bedroom – maybe wall art, a throw pillow or even a comforter set (if I change the design around a bit.)  What do you think?

Happy Day Sun

If you would like your own Happy Day Sunshine print, please check out my etsy shop!

Puffy Monster Love

I originally created this illustration to give my husband for Father’s Day.  I decided it was too puffy for his non-puffy taste so I gave him a bunch of robots instead.  This still remains one of my favorite illustrations, though, because I’m rather fond of cute and puffy 🙂

I experimented with some more muted colors and I think I like it.

Monster Love

Robots and World Domination

If I were a robot, I would want nothing less than world domination (except my super cute robot partner who I would love just a wee bit more.)

This illustration is a remake of a piece that I created years ago.  The original version was inspired by a robot my husband designed.  This one has a lot more of my style oozing through it.  I love both and will post the original at some point too.

World Domination Robots


This illustration would make an awesome gift for anyone who likes robots as much as I do 🙂  Here it is on my etsy shop if anyone is interested!